Specialists consultation

Specialists of Sports laboratory consult people for prophylaxis, diagnostic possibilities, treatment and rehabilitation of different diseases and traumas.

Sports doctor – estimates and assesses person’s health condition, the influence of physical load to person’s body and carries out prophylaxis, diagnostic possibilities, treatment and rehabilitation with physical load and sport related diseases, traumas and physical overload. Suggests the optimal physical load, suitable kind of sport, training regime and the plan of health improvement and actions for sports achievement. Consults about necessary diagnostic methods or test choice, better understanding about Complex test results, the choice of suitable kind of sports also for persons with different diseases, after trauma or surgery, individual rehabilitation and / or training regime, rational and balanced food and changing eating habits.

Physiotherapist – assesses joints and muscle functions, suggests and leads suitable complex of remedial gymnastics

Food specialists – consults in different questions about food and eating habits.


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