About us

Sports medicine, sports traumatology and rehabilitation centre “Sports laboratory” offers outpatient health care services for people who enjoy an active life style, being an amateur sportsmen and professional athletes.

We determine the optimal and individually suitable physical load for healthy and effective training regime and we offer complex solutions for physical health and fitness level estimation and improvements.
We advise on:

  • optimal physical load, suitable kind of sport, training intensity and frequency according to the fitness level and health condition
  • the plan for health improvement and actions for sports achievement
  • rational and balanced food plan
  • suitable and effective rehabilitation plan for trauma

We estimate and assess:

  • person’s health condition and fitness level
  • the influence of physical load on person’s body
  • the reaction of cardiovascular and breathing systems to physical load
  • the optimal physical load, more suitable for healthy, effective and light training
  • eating habits
  • posture, gait and everyday ergonomics

We help:

  • to make active and healthy lifestyle
  • to learn to love yourself, raise self-confidence, improve self-feeling
  • to start doing suitable physical load especially for you 
  • to make your body stronger
  • to set free of negative emotions in a positive way
  • to take into consideration the principles of balanced eating habits

We take care of:

  • child’s physical health: asess physical development and fitness, we give advice for friendly, interesting kind of sport, detect the harmful effects of early specialization for children
  • the medical service of sport events 
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