Calorimetry is equally efficient and accurate metabolism analysis method which measures the energy expenditure during the rest and increasing physical load.

The goal of this method is to assess necessary energy for the body functioning during daily activities and different physical activities. It is based on precise gas volume and concentration measurements of the breathing system.

The most important thing is to provide balance between the food intake and the energy expenditure which consists of basal metabolism, metabolism induced by lifestyle and metabolism induced by physical activity.

During the test we estimate the rest energy expenditure and the physical load intensity in which the body involves mostly fat reserve for energy processes. For the body weight correction Calorimetry allows to estimate optimal physical load, training intensity and frequency according to the person’s health condition and metabolism intensity.

Who can be tested?
Calorimetry testing may be used in all age groups for both genders.
Metabolic testing can be done for a variety of reasons:
■ Sedentary lifestyle and person’s wish to change it
■ Overweight or obesity
■ Reduced weight
■ Detect and evaluate possibilities of regulation of the body weight and increase person’s involvement and knowledge about himself / herself
■ Complaints and diseases which cause sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits
■ Work out balanced food plan
■ Estimation of necessary amount of daily energy
■ Estimation of optimal physical load for the reduction of fat reserve
■ Aid in related psychological problems

The test usually lasts around 30 – 45 minutes. The test is done on veloergometer using modern cardiopulmonary testing system. All the test results are then analysed by doctor at consultation.

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