Complex cardiopulmonary exercise testing on veloergometer or treadmill

Complex cardiopulmonary exercise testing is now the ‘gold standard’ in sports medicine for in-depth evaluation of the cardiovascular and breathing systems, and estimation of the physical work capacity of the body during rest, increasing physical load and recovery.
Complex cardiopulmonary exercise testing is done for a variety of reasons:

  • In-depth health evaluation
  • If you have complaints about your health (everyday or during physical activity)
  • Health condition evaluation if you exercise regularly and participate in competition
  • Individual and optimal physical load estimation
  • Estimation of training regime adequacy and its improvement
  • To receive the permission for practice with high physical load and take part in sports training and sports competitions
  • Physical or emotional overload diagnostics and prevention

During complex cardiopulmonary exercise testing we estimate:

  • Pulse, blood pressure, cardiac output, breathing frequency and volumes, oxygen and carbon dioxide volumes, pulse oxymetry and other parameters
  • Heart rhythm, electrical conduction system, functions of cardiovascular and breathing systems and their disorders, allowing early diagnosis of disease or overload
  • Aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, maximal heart rate, maxVO2, physical work capacity, criteria for training regime planning

A cardiopulmonary exercise test at Sports laboratory is performed on veloergometer, treadmill or hand ergometer.

Exercise test consists of 4 phases: rest, reference phase, load and recovery phase. Average test duration is 15 – 40 minutes.

The testing is done on one of the most modern cardiopulmonary test systems, that is why “old” method with lactate measurement isn’t necessary, with exception of Anaerobic exercise test.

Exercise test should be done once a year ore more often – according to your health, training season and regime.

Important! Exercise tests can be done only under supervision of certified sports medicine doctor, in an office that is fully equipped to provide medical help. Approved certification in exercise testing method needs to be displayed in the office.

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