“Gold standard” in Sports medicine – sport doctor consultation and complex cardiopulmonary exercise test

Complex cardiopulmonary exercise testing is now the “gold standard” in sport medicine for in-depth evaluation of the cardiovascular and breathing systems, and estimation of the physical work capacity of the body during rest, increasing physical load and recovery.
Since January 1, 2019 cardiopulmonary exercise testing is recognized as the basic method of Sports Medicine.
when it defects changes in health and function, additional methods of investigation are prescribed.

In the Sporta laboratorija the complex cardiopulmonary exercise testing is performed:

  • for in-depth health examination;
  • muscle, heart and respiratory system interaction diagnostics
  • in case of complaints on a daily basis and in the workload
  • to recommend individual and optimal physical activity
  • to evaluate and improve training results
  • to get permits to participate in sports and competitions.
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